Friday, April 2, 2010

Follow me.....please.......{Southern Maine Photographer}

I'm changing my blog address to match my business! I think I'll continue to come here to post occasionally for my more personal business....but for can find me here: Kelly Roy Photography

See ya over there!!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Life is Good!! {Southern Maine Photographer}

Starting off with a modeling session with Joanna. She'd like a career in modeling and her tall stature and great looks should get her somewhere if she works hard to pursue it. I got some great shots of her to start with a local agency. She brought her friend in and I know how much they appreciate the fun shots together so I snapped a few for their facebook pages!

I had a special a few weekends ago and here are a few highlights...... I approached it different this year and didn't have a particular "set".

Here's he B*A*D or what? he he You might actually see this one in studio if you visit me....I really like it and think its got the making's for a BIG print!
I call this one "The softer side of Carlos" as he poses with his cousin.

Here's a shout out to my sister, Kerri, the only one I have, who mentioned to me yesterday that I need to update the blog more regularly as she checks it first thing in the morning...Hey Ker, Mornin'! I drove away from Mom's house last night and got to always bring out this silly side in me that I don't think many others get to see as often as you do! You always laugh at my stupid cracks and it's really fun to laugh with you! I agree with mom when she says you look great - I know why - when your mind is set in direction, you soar like an eagle! Keep choosing what's best for you, its working!!

Another busy day for this mom of four! So much going on in our lives right now as we try to purchase a new home, prepare the old one for sale and continue our usual hectic schedules. I love my life and am feeling more blessed than ever these days!!! Details to come as things progress...please keep us in your thoughts....that things will continue to fall into place. (Thank you!)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Happy First Birthday Ms. Mackenzie!! {Southern Maine Photographer}

I know I don't need to talk about how time flies....but it's already been a year since I took this shot!!
Ms. Mackenzie turns ONE today and she was in the studio the other day for her one year photos so I'm delighted to be able to share them on HER day!
The best part about today......I received a note in my inbox from her Mom that read:


I am so happy you came into my life. As today I celebrate a wonderful day, Mackenzie's birth, I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate all you did for me. You helped make a wonderful day even better. I am proud to call you my friend. And to think, before that day, I didn't even know you.
Thank you,

To experience the words of kindness like that from someone, how can I not feel blessed!

Do what you love, love what you do!


Monday, March 22, 2010

First things first!! {Southern Maine Photographer}

First of all...Im happy its Monday! I was without my pc all weekend and I have to send out a huge thank you to my pc guy and old friend, Scott! My pc has been running slow and I just didn't realize how slow until he returned with a new and improved version of it yesterday (I was shooting all day so didn't get to really play with it until last night and this morning). I feel like I'm moving at lightening speed and the editing is soooo much better now!! A million thanks, Scott....who calls me the minute I text him!! Need a pc guy and live local to me, contact me and I'll share him with you!!!

I will be updating my blog more often again. I will start by going back over the last few weeks to show highlights of all the sessions I have been working on but wanted to start with this happy face!!! Isn't he funny! His name is Berkley and he's full of personality. He smiled at me....he he!

I've had a pretty busy slow season!! Usually the first few months of the year are filled with housekeeping I've ignored for too long, organizing my office and work flow and not to mention the preparations that turn everything upside down again during tax season but I've been shooting lots. If you're on facebook, please look at my business page (I'd love it if you'd become a fan while your there!!) for updated images! You'll see them all here in the next few days too but if you just can't wait, you'll find me there under Kelly Roy Photography! Thanks!!

This weekend we were on the go with hockey games. It was tournament weekend and we watched Cam win one and lose one. He loves the game and its a pleasure to watch the teamwork and good sportsmanship the coaches teach the kids.
I will start revisiting my days with Marleigh as they are still as fun and sometimes challenging as ever! I miss kept my eyes open daily for something to write about and my mind sharp as work on the writing part of it. Not that I think I'm a good writer, but surely I want to sound somewhat intelligent!

So here it is....the latest shot of my four. Every year I take one of them back-to as the fight to get the perfect face on everyone is not easy. I started this a few years ago and have tried to make it tradition. Usually I go for a field or old road in the summer months (may still do that) but the other night I had them all in the studio and I love the shot of my girls hugging each other with their bare shoulders thought I'd try for this thinking the boys might buck the idea (like their father was at the time). "I am an artist!" I expressed to Jean as I asked all four to remove their shirts.....(he told me it was strange and odd but Im the one with the vision so I pressed on as if he wasn't even there). The girls thought it was great fun to be shirtless again...the boys were sort of silly and started wrestling and pinching at each other. If you think the boys were bothered by the presence of their shirtless sisters....not at all....its something they see regularly in this was the fun of being shirtless in the studio that made the sillies come out! I love this shot and will have it big on one of my walls at home!
To wrap up this post I have to comment on Marleigh's reaction to this photo. Her words..."It looks like Branden has boobs on his back" and "Look at my princess hair, its really long, huh?!" She doesnt get to see that side of herself often!

Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My first set of TWINS!!! {Southern Maine Photographer}

Wrinkley little bundles of love.....Hunter and Noah were born a month early and have those cute meatless little chicken legs...I love babies! They were so little that without a blanket to wrap them in, you'd feel like they were slipping through your finger tips! I was so excited to hear my neighbor was going to be a grandma and her son was willing to let me be the babies' first photog! I could watch the face of a newborn all day long but to have two was twice as nice!

I'm hoping to get my hands on another set of twins that just came home from the hospital! I need more experience, for sure...newborns are tricky and two is trickier (is that a word)?

Tyler and Kady, congratulations on your little family!! Thanks so much for bringing them to me!

I've been busy trying to put together some promotional things for the studio. I have had a few seniors inquire about having their photos on their graduation party invitation so I created some to show it can be done in a variety of colors and sizes! I can't believe we are already planning for graduations! Its only a few months away!!
Today I'm designing books and placing orders while Marleigh is off to school. Im still missing her and every school morning (I'm sorry Mrs. Potter) admittedly, I try to talk her into staying home from school to be with me. She always declines...I'm not as much fun as school....unless Im going shopping!! I don't blame her, she's a mini-me in that respect.....socializing is something we both love to do

Now I'm off to battle with her again about her clothing choices. The last few days have been high 50's so she thinks that summer is coming very soon and is already digging out her sun dresses and flip flops. I have to keep it real for her and I don't like being that bad guy. We both adore summer and every day she asks me how many more days until it gets here! She likes to dress in skirts every day and its not always easy to find a combination that works on the chilly days. I have been known to hide her tights because somedays just call for jeans and T's. I know, I know, when she becomes a teen and only wants to wear jean and T's, I'll wish for these days back again.


Monday, March 8, 2010

Something different {Southern Maine Photographer}

Good Morning!

My aching back is slowing me down this morning. I'm thankful for a slow work day today so that I can walk to see if the natural rhythm will ease the pain. This too shall pass.

So, here's something a bit different for me......intimates! In an effort to offer new brides a gift for their husbands, and to give ladies a chance to see themselves in a new and exciting way, I asked Susana for some assistance in bringing my ideas for tasteful style to life. She's lovely and we had a great time!! Thank you Susana.

I'll be using some of the photos from her session to advertise and I'm excited to do more sessions like this!
Though she looks like she's nude in this shot, she's not...and that's what tickles me so....
Wish I had a shot like this to look back at (not that I ever looked this good, just wish)!

I knew I wanted this photo going into the how sweetly she brought it to life!

The hockey season is starting to slow down for us and its all good. I feel some honey-do projects coming on! I love change at home and sometimes just moving the furniture can make such a difference!

Well, I better get my day started. Thanks for checkin' in! I'm going to attempt to get back into the habit of posting here more on a daily basis! I'll do my best!


Saturday, February 27, 2010

TIP..toe...TIP...toe... {Southern Maine Photographer}

I'm sneakin' in here on a Saturday night to tend to my much neglected blog. If I have no readers anymore, I'm not surprised...I've let you down!!!!

My last post left off with my girls and their shirtless shots and I loved them so much I thought you'd enjoy looking at them for a while too! (kidding) The same day I took those, I was prepping for this little beauty, Charlotte. You've seen her here before - she was in her daddy's arms as an infant - he is a local policeman! She's growing so fast but mom signed her up for my "Here I Grow" package and I get to chase her around her first year!!

Isn't she a living doll? Her mom, Melissa, brought her a variety of sweet clothes..made me miss those little tiny outfits!

I'm shooting new babies like crazy lately - its sure filling that baby void I was having when Marleigh started school! I get to smell them and cuddle them - all the parents are so wonderful to share with me! I swear too - I get the most beautiful babies to photograph!!

This is Izzy.....(Izabella), she's just gorgeous too! She's Charlotte's BFF! She and her mom came to visit me a few days after Charlotte did! Luckily we had time and patience on our side as we waited for Ms. Izzy to bless us with a bit of a nap so we could get some sleepy shots.
Her awake look was lovely.....she was truly a diva with all her poses!
Melissa and Amy, Thank you very much for choosing me.....and letting me hold and smell your precious angels! I look forward to watching them grow!

It's been almost a year since I successfully suspended an innocent child from the branch of a tree so....he came back for his one year portraits and I decided to do it again!!! Happy Birthday, Jaden! He was the baby in that neat birth photo where dad was catching him! (can YOU believes its been nearly a year already?)

Last but not least....Asher! Go back a few posts to his birth story! He came to visit me at the studio today and a few pounds heavier with full cheeks and a second chin he was the perfect specimen for my ivy headpiece!
Mark and Lindsay.....thanks so much for sharing him with me today! You didn't make me feel rushed at all when I was smelling his head as he slept on my shoulder! I hope you get power back at your home soon! This crazy weather is everywhere!!
I'm off to shuffle the girls to bed. They got to stay up an extra 30 minutes because its Saturday night and I needed to finish this post!!